We issue Qualitative Ratings on different types of Public Administrations, measuring transparency, performance and the prevention of corruption.
The tool we use is the Public Rating, built on the basis of the indicators required by Legislative Decree 33/2013 and Law 190/2012 and the ESG Index methodology.


Our evaluations are aimed at:

– Stakeholders of the Public Administration, that is all those subjects that interact with it in various ways: companies, associations, citizens.
– Financial subjects: banks, consulting and debt collection companies, investment funds, which anticipate receivables from PAs and which invest in public infrastructures.
– Public Administrations (municipalities, regions, ministries, universities, courts, chambers of commerce, investee companies, etc.), who want to know how and where to improve their efficiency, transparency and prevention of corruption, both in terms of compliance and comparison with the PA of the same type.
– Governments and international organizations, which need independent assessments of national and local PAs (European Union, Wlrd Banck, etc.)


More in detail, we provide:

– the annual evaluation of the single Public Administration on 6 macro-areas: economic-financial profile, governance, personnel management, provision of services to citizens, procurement management and anti-corruption, environment.
– the issuance of the overall final Public Rating, with a score that can also be broken down for each of the aforementioned 6 macro-areas.
– the follow-up of the chronological trend of the rating of the single PA.
– comparison with other PAs of the same type.

We also provide operational support to the Public Administrations, in particular to fulfil the new provisions of the Foia and the legal obligations regarding:
– transparency,
– anticorruzione,
– evaluation of the quality of services,
– strategic control report,
– floor and performance report,
– end of mandate report.

We do training on those same topics.
We promote participatory processes in different forms, which involve citizens and businesses in an informed and positive way on public choices.
We provide a compass to governments and international organizations for:
– a better allocation of financial resources, based on the merit of the PAs, and not on linear cuts;
– the forecast of the default risk of a PA;
– corruption risk prevention in the PA.


The evaluation of Public Administrations through Public Rating is innovative with respect to the existing valuation models mainly for the following reasons:

measures both qualitative and quantitative data on public performance,
adopts the point of view of the stakeholders of the PA for the evaluation of the latter,
identifies a benchmark among the PAs,
does not require the collaboration of the PA in the evaluation process,
is based on the provisions of the regulations on transparency, anti-corruption and performance.
The methodological basis is that of the Esg Sustainability Indices, used on financial markets.

The evaluation grid consists of 6 macro-areas: economic-financial profile, governance, personnel management, relationship with citizens, procurement management, environment.
Each macro-area consists of several indicators: in total around 100.

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