The Public Rating is a useful tool for:

Public Administrations, both local and national (Municipalities, Regions, Ministries, Asl, Schools, Chamber of Commerce, participated companies, etc.),

interested in an independent assessment, which takes into account the citizens’ point of view and regulatory obligations, which measures the level of transparency and performance, in order to know where and how to improve as well as to satisfy the needs of the community.

Businesses and trade associations,

interested to know, for example, if the public administration with which they work correctly manages the contracts and pays the invoices on time.

Investment funds,

interested in investing in public infrastructure in those Municipalities, or other PA, with greater transparency and efficiency.

Banks and Cassa Depositi e Prestiti,

interested in knowing the repayment capacity of a Municipality or other PA, as well as the default risk.

National governments,

interested in allocating the available resources no longer based on linear cuts, but on the merit of the PAs against a benchmark, as well as improving citizens’ confidence.

International organizations,

interested in comparing the level of efficiency, transparency and anti-corruption in the various countries in the world and, within them, between the respective local governments (EU, World Bank, etc.).

Control and anti-corruption bodies,

interested in indicators that provide alerts on the corruption risk of an PA (Anac).


interested in finding out how and for what your municipality spends public money – or local health authority or other public administration – based on qualitative information and not on simple emotion.

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