The Public Rating is a concrete tool for both Public Administrations and citizens and businesses, mainly for:

  • Evaluate, measure and compare the performance, transparency and integrity of the PA

identifying those benchmarks within a raking for types of PA and following their progress over time.

  • Innovate and improve the Public Administration

The external and independent evaluation of the transparency and performance of the individual Administrations makes it possible to compare them and, therefore, put them into healthy competition, encouraging the less virtuous to follow the example of the more virtuous ones. This is the real innovation of the PA: a Municipality that works is the real “smart city”.

  • Allow a spending review based on the merit of the PA

The Public Rating serves not so much to make rankings and give report cards, but to compare the PAs and establish a benchmark among them, allowing Governments to have a comparative picture of the administrative machine to allocate resources on the basis of an incentive system: the Administrations that they work better, they must receive more resources, because they have proven to know how to use it well.

  • Provide operational support to the administrative machine (Capacity Building; Public Governance)

Often Municipalities and Regions – and the other PAs – are unable to meet the numerous regulatory requirements on transparency, efficiency, and anti-corruption: the Public Rating is an operational support for them, which allows them to understand where to improve and how.

  • Prevent corruption

The Rating also allows an assessment of the effective transparency of the PA, which is the first bulwark against corruption.

  • Promote participatory processes (Civic Engagement)

The Rating allows a more mature participation of citizens, because it is based on the information and tools that the legislator has made available in these years. Citizens can also send data on the functioning of their Municipality, for example, in a sort of trip advisor of the PA.

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