There are too many laws about Public Administration with the consequence to be unclear and confusing even to insiders and technicians.

So, today the point is not to approve a new reform, but to simplify and implement the existing ones. In particular, we need to restart from two cornerstones:

1. transparency and integration, from one side;

2. accountability and performance, from the other (see here).

Transparency is the basis of integrity: no struggle against corruption is possible without transparency in PA’s information. Defeating corruption is the essential premise for an efficient democracy.

We have to be clear: for a PA transparency shouldn’t mean to publish a balance sheet or a resolution on its website once in a while, but to rethink the all information system in order to make it really accessible to users. Unfortunately, it’s not what happens in many cases: for example, it’s quite common to find financial data which are not complete nor updated nor comprehensible.

The Sustainability Rating for PA aims to collect an unique qualitative public database on PA, where information are complete, updated and homogenous inside and among Public Administrations.

It also allows to measure the PA’s transparency level and, therefore, to compare it with the other Administrations: it’s so possible to establish the reference benchmark.[/column]

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