Are you a PA who wants to improve their transparency, integrity and performance?

The Public Rating allows to measure transparency, integrity and performance, identifying in which areas to intervene to improve.

It also helps you in day-to-day operations in terms of compliance with ever-changing regulations, as well as in terms of training.

Are you a virtuous PA who wants to see their improvement and merit recognized in comparison with other public bodies?

The Public Rating allows the identification of the PA with the best ratings and the reference benchmark. The advantage is threefold. First of all, it is a reputational advantage, which comes from being recognized as benchmarks in comparison with other PAs on the basis of an independent analysis.

Secondly, it is an advantage in terms of citizens’ satisfaction, which for a Municipality, for example, can also mean electoral consent.

Thirdly, it can become, over time, a double advantage in financial terms. On the one hand, the most virtuous public administrations will be able to receive more resources from the state than non-virtuous ones, according to a spending review based on merit and not on linear cuts.

On the other hand, virtuous PAs can attract private capital, such as institutional investment funds that want to invest in public infrastructure.

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