Are you a government that wants to improve public spending?

On the one hand, many states are struggling for increasing spending; on the other hand, they have to manage a bureaucratic machine that is sometimes elephantine and inefficient. For this, they need a tool to help them understand how to best allocate available financial resources.

To determine which Public Administrations are more performing, and therefore more deserving of transfers, it is not enough to examine their budgets, and, indeed, it can even be misleading: a PA that had the accounts perfectly in order, but had cut the services – only for the development of which it exists – it would be penalized.

In this perspective, the Public Rating can be a compass to help a Government:

constantly assessing its own administrative apparatus, based also on a reference benchmark;

concentrate the resources where we are sure that they can be better and transparently spent, encouraging administrations with better ratings and avoiding a spending review based only on linear cuts.

  • spend less and better public money, with a return also in terms of satisfaction and consent from citizens.

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