The Public Rating is an ESG Sustainibility Index for Public Administrations.
It is a model for evaluating and measuring the transparency, integrity and performance of local and national Public Administrations, created on the methodological basis of the ESG Indices used on financial markets.

Its innovativeness compared to existing evaluation models consists mainly of the following points:

– does not require the collaboration of the Administrations in the evaluation process,

– adopts the point of view of the stakeholders and is, therefore, independent,

– transposes the regulatory provisions of recent years (in particular legislative decree n.33 / 2013 and the anti-corruption laws),

– measures both qualitative and quantitative data of public performance,

– allows the comparison of PA of the same type (ranking),

– identifies a benchmark,

– it follows the chronological trend,

– helps predict default risk,

– helps identify corruption alerts,

– allows the active involvement of citizens.

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