The Public Rating Agency is an independent and non-profit organization. It deals with the evaluation of Public Administrations and their support on:
– prevention of corruption.
It issues Qualitative Ratings on different types of Public Administrations based on indicators provided for by the current regulations and the ESG Sustainability Index (Environmental, Social and Governance) methodology used in financial markets for corporate businesses, governments as issuers, fund managers.
The Public Rating Project for Public Administrations was born from an idea of Fondazione Etica (see below), which, in 2010, established a multidisciplinary research group and built the Rating model for the public sector that started our activities.

The idea of the Public Rating was born from FONDAZIONE ETICA, an independent and non-profit national foundation.
It mainly deals with:
– innovation in public administration (in particular, rating and benchmarking, smart cities, e-government, foia, open-data),
– transparency and prevention of corruption,
– participatory processes,
– social impact innovation (in particular, new forms of social impact finance, civic engagement, social inclusion, global citizenship),
– public goods (regeneration, common good).

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