We issue Qualitative Ratings on different types of Public Administrations, measuring transparency, performance and the prevention of corruption.

We provide single or comparative ratings, with different levels of detail.
In details

  1. We provide:
  • the annual evaluation of the single Public Administration on 6 macro-areas: economic-financial profile, governance, personnel management, provision of services to citizens, contract management and anti-corruption, environmental impact.
  • the issuance of the overall final and disaggregated public rating also for each of the aforementioned 6 macro-areas.
  • the follow-up of the chronological trend of the rating of the single PA.
  • comparison with other PAs of the same type.
  1. We provide operational support to the Public Administrations, in particular to fulfill the new provisions of the Foia and the legal obligations concerning:
    evaluation of the quality of services,
    strategic control report,
    performance plan and report,
    end of mandate report.
  2. We provide training on those same topics.
  3. We support Public Private Partneriat (PPP) projects.
  4. We promote participatory processes in different forms, which involve citizens and businesses in an informed and positive way on public choices.
  5. We activate the improvement of the PA-citizens relationship, with a return of good reputation for the PA and satisfaction for the citizens.
  6. We provide guidance as a compass to governments and international organizations for:
    – a better allocation of financial resources, based on the merit of the PAs, and not on linear cuts;
    – the forecast of the default risk of a PA;
    corruption risk prevention in the PA.